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Because it is reflective, slightly convex, and holds moisture.


It doesn't show stains or dirt. Only minimal hosing off is needed for maintenance.


Similar to our flagstone in Phoenix, adobe bricks look great after years of weathering, even in the hot sun.


Fired, non-skid surface prevents slips and slides.


Natural material with soft, pastel earth-tone patina created during kiln-firing picks up all the colors of the landscape.


Comparable or less than most custom decks, plus there's no upkeep cost. Kilnfired brick is a beautiful, affordable option for your backyard.


Doesn't require steep sloping to drain, so patios and pool decks join naturally at grade.


Adobe patio decks flow to pool areas without the usual expansion joints. Headers, walkways and walls, all of adobe brick, merge elegantly.


Adobe decks don't require frequent hosing. They absorb a lot of pool splash. Thus adjacent plants don't get over-watered.


Adobe brick has a down-home, southwestern feeling. The same kilns fire pinto adobe roof tiles of the same materials. Decking with adobe brick creates a fine architectural continuity and landscape ambiance
Pinto Kilnfired Brick
Sizes Available       Weight
                                4 x 8 x 2 1/4                              2.6
                               6 x 12 x 2 1/4                              7        
                               8 x 16 x 2 1/4                              9
                               12 x 12 x 1 1/4                           6.5
Mexican Kilnfired Brick Phoenix
Adobe Brick Pool Phoenix
Adobe Brick Phoenix
Adobe Brick Project Phoenix
Each of our adobe bricks is individually handmade in Mexico using only the best, pure natural clay in the area. Antique Tile's brick is fired in kilns at temperatures over 2000 degrees, it is often fired at the same time with our roofing tile, which ensures the brick's quality and rustic look. Our brick's aesthetic color variation is the main reason to choose it as no other manufacturing process can come close to matching our product. The rustic finish created by firing the brick is what gives it its' unique identity.

There is no minimum purchase for our natural stone, bricks, and roofing tile in Phoenix, so there is no job too big or too small.
Availability of our brick can quickly change, please feel free to call our brick and roof tile suppliers office for availability, pricing, samples or any other questions.
Kilnfired Brick Arizona
Kilnfired Brick Phoenix
Pinto Kilnfired Brick Arizona
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