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Flagstone Colors Available:

Flagstone Buckskin: Brown to Tan. Sometimes Yellowish                                        Flagstone Classic Oak: Tan to Crème color

Flagstone Gold Buckskin: Golden Brown to Yellowish color                                     Flagstone Sunburst: Rosa with some Buckskin accents

Flagstone Pueblo: Buckskin with some Rosa accents                                                Flagstone Rosa: Rose pink color

Flagstone Peach: Buckskin and Rosa Blend, but very light in color     Flagstone Chocolate: Dark Brown Color

Flagstone Sedona Red: Dark Red    Flagstone Moss: Dark Brown-Reddish

Flagstone Arizona
Select stone flagstone is palletized vertically for sorts of 1 3/4” or thinner.
This helps reduce breakage during shipment and makes it easier to select pieces during installation.

Pieces range approximately 4 – 12 square ft in size.

Standard thickness sorts:
Thin Flagstone - 1/2-1 1/4
Regular Flagstone - 1 - 1 3/4
Thick Flagstone - 1 3/4 - 2 1/4

Natural Flagstone Phoenix
Peach Flagstone Phoenix
Flagstone Phoenix
Flagstone in Phoenix
Flagstone Arizona
Phoenix Flagstone Project
As a natural stone company, we guarantee the lowest pricing of flagstone in the Valley.

  • Prices for our Phoenix Flagstone start @ $199 / ton (Peach)

  • Our flagstone pallets usually weigh anywhere from 2800-3500 lbs.

  • Thin Flagstone- 1 ¼” minus. Covers approximately 150 sq ft / ton.

  • Regular Flagstone - 1 ¾” minus. Covers approximately 100 sq ft / ton.

  • Thick Flagstone - 2 ¼” minus.  Covers approximately 80 sq ft / ton

  • Delivery to the Phoenix Metro Area is FREE when buying more than 10 tons.

  • Same day delivery is available

  • There is no minimum purchase required.

  • Our Large selection of flagstone in Arizona will satisfy any needs.

  • As availability can change from day to day, contact our office for information about colors available for flagstone in Phoenix.
Flagstone (Sandstone) Properties

Conforms to ASTM C 616- 85 Sandstone Building Stone as Listed below:
Resistance to abrasion averages 11.

Conforms to Type II Quartzitic Sandstone: With the exception that the specific gravity is about 140 lbs per cubic foot.


1) Aesthetic - Flagstone is a more attractive material than any other product. Natural products bring an elegance to any project that is unmatched.

2) Longevity - Flagstone is natural rock, consequently it is strong. Well installed flagstone should last a lifetime.

3) No Maintenance Costs - If properly installed, flagstone does not require any additional costs over time, the natural look of flagstone will remain.
Patio stone is palletized lying down.

Pieces range approximately 1 – 4 square ft in size.

Standard thickness sorts:
Regular 1 - 1 3/4”
Two Inch 1 1/2 - 2 ½”
Flagstone Crate in Phoenix
Chocolate Flagstone
Sedona Red Flagstone
Sedona Red
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